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Shocks or Electrocution is a non-partisan initiative organized and led by Blair Sorrel to reduce the year round risk of injury and fatality from contact voltage shocking or electrocution resulting from damaged or tampered wiring.

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Electical Transformer Explodes Burning Van and Building

Faulty Electrical Wiring Ignites Fire at South Street Seaport, July 14, 2012

Faulty electrical wiring started a 3 Alarm fire beneath Pier 17, forcing hundreds of people to flee the area.  The electrical lines provided power to lighting and vending machines.   Read the coverage by NY1 and NYTimes.comPhoto

Electical Transformer Explodes Burning Van and Building

Electrical Transformer Explodes Burning Minivan and Building, July 7, 2012

An electrical transformer exploded on 140 E. 56th St. and burned for almost an hour, setting a minivan and building on fire.  Con Edison said the eplosion was caused by the heat.   Read coverage as reported by the Full Story.

Joan Rivers & Daughter Escape Exploding Manhole, January 23, 2012

Joan Rivers and her Daughter got into a car outside Joan's apartment, and a manhole hole exploded as the car pulled away from the curb.  Read the Full Story.

65 New York Manholes Explode in 31 Days, Chris Michaud, February 3, 2011. Confirmed.  Weather: Snow on ground.

Heavy snow storms, freezing temperatures and salt melting it all into Con Ed's power grid have left New York City's streets and sidewalks vunerable to exploding manholes, which have incinerated cars and forced buildings to be evacuated.  Read the Full Story.

Snowy Sidewalk's Hot in Hell's Kitchen

Anonymous, December 27, 2010. Confirmed.  Weather: Snow on ground.

Dog was shocked walking on sidewalk at 514 West 50th Street.  Con Edison responded days later and is working to correct the problem.

Fatal 7 Alarm Fire In Chinatown Caused By Electrical Conjuction Box, May 6, 2010. Weather Clear.  Confirmed.

Investigators have determined that on April 11, 2010, an over heated conjunction box caused a fire on the first floor of a Residential/Commercial building at 283 Grand Street, which resulted in the death of an 87-year-old Man, and injury of 3 Residents, 30 Firefighters and EMS workers.  Read the Full Story.

Manhole Blasts Open on 40th Street Between 7th and 8th Ave, May 3, 2010. Weather Clear. Confirmed.

Underground electrical cables caused a manhole to explode into flames just south of Times Square.  No injuries were reported.  Read the Full Story.

Manhole Explodes Forcing Buildings To Be Evacuated, April 6, 2010.  Weather: Clear.  Confirmed.

Underground electrical cables burst into flames causing a manhole explosion at 226 West 52nd Street, resulting in a theatre being closed and multiple buildings evacuated.  Read the Full Story.

Woman Shocked Crossing Broadway, February 10, 2010.  Weather: Snowy.  Confirmed.

A woman was taken to the hospital after suffering a shock from contact voltage at 35th Street and Broadway.  Read the Full Story.

High Winds Knock Down Trees And Power Lines

Bill Sanderson,, October 8, 2009

Con Ed provides a quick response to 35,000 homes and businesses with power outages caused by high winds that crossed the New York area.  Read the Full Story.

Con Ed Has Increased The Public's Risk For 2 Years

Bill Sanderson,, July 6, 2009

New York Post reports that Con Edison's own data shows that from 2007 to 2009 it has increased the Public's risk of suffering electrical shocks by reducing the testing of Traffic Signals; and also, neither Con Ed nor the City Department of Transportation are willing to comment on the issue.  Read the Full Article.

Young Filmmaker Electrocuted On Set

Angela Montefinise,, May 31, 2009

A recent film school graduate was electrocuted when the lift arm of the truck he was using touched overhead electrical wires outside of a house that was being set up for a night film shoot.  Read the Full Story.

Woman and Dog Shocked Passing A Worksite

Anonymous, April 1, 2009.  Confirmed.  Weather: Light drizzle.

A woman was walking her dog along the sidewalk on 45th St. between 6th and 7th Avenue, when it started screaming as they passed an unmarked worksite that had been active for a couple of days.  She touched her dog and was also shocked.  Read the Full Account.

Pinky Shocked in Stuyvesant Oval

Sabina Mallot, Town & Village, March 4, 2009

A 16 month old puppy was shocked walking through an area covered with salt and snow.  The Dog's Walker noticed a black electrical cable leading to a converter box on the ground nearby.  Read the Full Story.

Number Of New Electrical Leaks Shocks Con Ed

Bill Sanderson,, December 15, 2008

The New York Post reports that Con Edison found 7,117 electrified objects on New York CIty's streets between January 1 and October 31 in 2008, which is 468 more than were found during 2007.  Read the Full Story.

Tower Of Power Turns Into A Tourist Trap

Kristen Brown, Daily News, Saturday, August 9, 2008

A power outage trapped hundreds of tourists in the Empire State Building.  Over one hundred were stuck above the 80th floor.  Read the Full Story.

Amen, It's Manhole Mayhem

Patrick Gallahue, N.Y. Post, May 1, 2008

May Day wasn't a playday for commuters, when a manhole fire in the West Village shutdown a NYC Path Train between 33rd Street and Journal Square, Hoboken. Read the Full Story.

Jodie Lane

Roger Lane, whose daughter Jodie Lane was tragically electrocuted in 2004 when she fell against a service box in Manhattan, testified at the January 24, 2008 City Council Briefing with Transportation Chair and City Councilman John Liu. Both advised that Con Ed is misleading the city on Stray Voltage.  Read the Briefing Paper.  

Four years later, stray voltage continues to be a problem; read the NYTimes article, and watch NY1's coverage of the Hearing.

Livery Cab Parked Over Hot Spot

Con Ed Hires Livery Drivers To Guard High-Voltage Areas

NY1 & NYDaily News, May 3, 2007

Con Edison hired 1,000 Livery Drivers to guard high voltage areas until service crews were able to make the repairs.

Read the coverage as reported by NY1 and New York Daily News.

Soho Labrador Shocked In Puddle

Sean Hennessey, www., Aug 30, 2007

Man was walking his 11 year old Labrador, which got shocked as it stepped in a puddle next to a manhole cover that was electrified by stray voltage.  Read the Full Story.

8 Year Old Girl Shocked By Manhole Cover

John Slattery,, May 30, 2006

An 8 year old girl, playing in front of her home with her friend was shocked and hospitalized after stepping on a manhole cover at the base of a light pole.  Read the Full Story.

Harlem Boy Shocked Crossing Street, March 3, 2006

Stray voltage shocked a 12 year old boy as he was crossing 127th Street and Lenox Avenue.  The incident happened as the City Council is holding hearings to determine the efforts Utility Companies and Regulatory Agencies are making to protect New Yorkers.   Read the Full Story.

Skateboarder Scared by manhole cover

Skateboarder Branded By Manhole Cover and, August 15, 2004

Liz Wallenberg fell off her skateboard on Second Avenue and 13th Street, and landed on a manhole cover, which scorched a scar across her back.  Read the Full Story.

Shock Kills Pet At ATM

K.C. Baker and Dave Goldiner,, January 30, 2000

A 7-year-old terrier mix was electrocuted by electrical current passing from a heater through the carpet in an ATM vestibule.  Read the Full Story.   

Please Note: The NY Daily News article contains the phrases "seasonal oddity" and "current doesn't flow through shoes", which are misleading.  If you have questions, visit the Safety and Contact Voltage Info pages.

Woman Shocked at Yankee Stadium, Jamie Schram, Todd Venezia and Douglas Montero, 11:37 am, April 14, 2011. Confirmed. Weather: Cloudy, dry.

A woman suffered an electrical shock after stepping on a metal plate with an exposed electrical cord while leaving an outdoor dining area at Yankee Stadium's Hard Rock Café and ended up at Lincoln hospital.  Read Full Story.

Bronx Shock

Dave Carlin, CBS 2 News, Nov 19, 2007

Man got shocked and burned after stepping on manhole cover while crossing the street in the Bronx.  Read the Full Story.  Con Edison visited the site and said it wasn't Stray Voltage.  Read the Full Story.


Man Escapes Brooklyn Manhole Explosion, SUV Gets Fried

NYPost, Don Kaplan and Lorena Mongelli, February 3, 2011.  Confirmed.  Weather: Snow on ground.

An ex-Marine parked his SUV on Empire Boulevard in Crown Heights, and 2 minutes after he got out and walked away, a manhole exploded incinerating his vehicle.  Read Full Story of what happened.

Princess Shocked in Brooklyn

Tony Aiello,, Dec 22, 2009

An eight year old dog, Princess suffered a 60 volt electrical shock while walking down a Brooklyn sidewalk. Con Ed inspected the site and found a Street Light had faulty electrical work.  Read the Full Story.

Brooklyn Man And His Best Friend Zapped

Aric Roman, March 2, 2009.  Confirmed.  Weather: Snow on ground.

Aric Roman was walking along the sidewalk with his dog Cruzer on Union Street, between 6th & 7th Avenue in Brooklyn, when it suddenly dropped to the ground and started yelping.  Both suffered serious electrical shocks.  Cruzer has since recovered, but Aric is still dealing with medical problems resulting from the shock.  Read Aric's testimony of what happened.

Where There's Smoke, There Are Three Bed-Stuy Fires, March 4, 2009

Fire Marshals are investigating if three separate fires that forced dozens of people from their homes, one owned by NY State Senator Eric Adams around 1:00 a.m. were caused by electrical problems.  Witnesses claim they heard a 'loud' boom, lost power, and saw a 'bright light' by a Con Ed truck servicing a smoking service box across the street.


How Two Human Shock Absorbers Incredibly Survived

Joe Kemp,, November 28th 2010

Two window washers suffered a 33,000 volt electrical shock when wind blew a metal pole they were using onto a power cable.  Read the Full Story.


Dog Killed By Stray Voltage On New York Sidewalk

Julia Szabo Posted on May 28, 2008

A 7-year-old Siberian Husky named Sebastian, was killed by stray voltage while out for a walk Sunday night in Queens, New York.  The dog lifted a leg to pee on a light pole, and was killed by a jolt of electricity. Sebastian's owner, Celia Sing, a civilian employee of the NYPD, is devastated.   "All I did was take him for a walk. I haven't slept since this whole thing happened. I'm a walking zombie. I close my eyes and I still see him shaking."  Read the Full Story.

Electrical wires and poles on Fire in Queens

Kathy Carvajal,, July 6, 2010. Weather Clear and Hot. Confirmed.

A transformer surge in the Corona section of Queens set overhead electrical wires and poles on fire.  The cables dropped onto a car and set it on fire. Full Story

Staten Islanders Injured by Leaking Lampost

Staten Island Advance,, September 15, 2009

Six people were taken to Staten Island University Hospital after being shocked by contact voltage leaking from a Street Light on Pearson Street.  Read the Full Story.



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Zelda Zapped By Light Post

Timothy J. Carroll,, February 8, 2009

Scottish Terrier was shocked while walking by an electrified lamppost in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Read the Full Story.


Dozens Of Birds Die On Utility Line, November 23, 2008

A Woman from Garfield, NJ has found dozens of dead birds that were electrocuted by an overhead wire on River Drive and asked Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) to check the lines.  Read what PSE&G believes caused the problem.

Pinscher Shocked By Lamppost

Anonymous, November 5, 2008

A small Pinscher was shocked by a lamppost, which was missing its cover and had wires exposed.  The Owners tended to their dog, discovered a burn mark on its leg and ended up rushing it to the Animal Hospital as it became lethargic.  Read the Full Account.

Jersey City

Live Wires Burn

By Lysa Chen,, August 1, 2008

A 6 year old boy was electrocuted while playing at Audubon Park in Jersey City.  Read the Full Story.


Maryland Girl Electrocuted at Amusement Park

Emily Newman, Cumberland Times-News, July 18, 2011

A 17 year old girl dropped her phone as she left the Tornado amusement ride and was electrocuted when she touched an electrical cable as picked it up.  Read the Full Story.

Grounding Myth No. 2 – Grounding Specifications For Street Lighting

National Electric Code Internet Connection

Master Electrican Mike Holt reviews specifications for the installation of "Street Light Betterment" – and asks: what does 'Betterment' mean?  Read the Full Story.

2009 AgSTAR National Conference, October 24, 2008

Having received a strong reception about stray voltage issues, agricultural energy efficiency, and a several of rising issues in Sacramento, AgSTAR's next Conference will be in Baltimore on February 24-25, 2009.  Read the Full Announcement.

Taking 'Our Energy Our Future' Campaign To Next Level, September 2008

President/CEO of OREC opens new facility outside ot North Baltimore, telling Members that 'climate change legislation actually is energy legislation'.  Read the Full Story.

BGE Gets Proactive Against Bad Weather

January 28, 2008

Baltimore Gas & Electric mobilizes it's field offices to avoid potential power outages from serious ice storm.  Read the Full Story.

Teenage Girl Tragically Killed By Electrified Fence, May 13, 2006

A funeral was held for 14 year old Deanna Green, who was electrocuted on May 5, 2006, while stretching against a fence as she prepared for a Church League softball game.  Read the Full Story.

Update – September 28, 2010

After settling their lawsuit against the private contractor over the tragic death of their 14 year old daughter, the Family is now trying to restart litigation against the City, which a judge had previously dismissed.  Read the Full Story.

Baltimore Gas & Electric's Pro-Active Approach To Safety

March 1, 2006

Realizing the quality of Baltimore's underground cable is approaching the end of it's life, BG&E has created a team to improve/replace it's existing cable.  Read the Full Story.

Two Dogs Killed In Charles Village

Jill Rosen, Baltimore Sun, December 16, 2004

City grows aware of stray voltage after two dogs die from electrical shocks; and City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clark says the City must have Electrical Standards.  Read the Full Story.



Woman Shocked, Dog Electrocuted Walking In the Woods, October 21, 2011. Confirmed.  Weather: Dry.

A woman was walking two dogs on a trail off Hammond Park Parkway when she dropped to the ground after being shocked by a downed electrical wire.  The woman and one of the dogs survived, but the other dog died from electrocution.  Read the Full Story.  Watch a Video of the report by


Rascal Electrocuted By Fire Hydrant, Brighton, Ma.

Unconfirmed Testimony, January 28, 2009, 5:30 p.m.

A man tied Rascal, his young pit bull to a fire hydrant at the corner of Chestnut Hill Ave and Beacon Street before entering a 7 Eleven store.  Rascal was wearing a metal choke collar, which was attached to a metal leash.  While inside he heard Rascal yelping and barking, and immediately ran back outside to find him lying on the ground twitching, and realized Rascal's leash and collar had conducted the stray voltage.  "That was the last time I got to look into poor Rascal's eyes."  

Boston's Mayor Wants Manhole Fires Investigated

Boston Hearld, November 25, 2008

After a series of manhole fires caused a massive power outage, Mayor Menino is now calling on State Utility Officials to find out what happened.  Read the Full Story.

Multiple Manhole Explosions In Boston, November 24, 2008

Series of manhole explosions in Boston's Theatre District closed down Boston's Motor Vechicle Registry Offices, traffic lights and surrounding buildings.  Read the Full Story.

South Boston Street Zap, February 11, 2008

A woman was walking with her dog, when it got a strong shock from stray voltage on February 11, 2008.  Read the Full Story.

Another Dog Electrocuted On Charlestown Sidewalk, January 9, 2006

A 75 pound dog was shocked and killed after stepping on a metal sidewalk cover, that was electrified by a wire hanging out of a damaged Street Lamp.  Read the Full Story.

Massachusetts Publishes Stray Voltage Report, December 9, 2005

Government publishes Navigant Consulting's Final Report on Stray Voltage in Underground Distribution Systems of Massachusetts Electric Companies.  Read the Full Report.

Boston Takes Action To Resolve Stray Voltage, October 28, 2005

The city of Boston is replacing its 30,000 metal traffic light control boxes with fiberglass covers, which don't conduct electricity.  Read the Full Report.

Boston's Task Force Reports All Stray Voltage Is Fixed, July 28, 2005

Mayor of Boston announces that 100,000 electrical fixtures were tested around the city, 62 locations were found to have stray voltage, and all have been fixed.  Read the Full Report.

Boston's Joint Task Force's Report On Electrical Safety

City of Boston, July 28, 2005

Boston's Joint Task Force on Electrical Safety publishes its Report on Electrical Safety, with particular focus on stray voltage.  Read the Full Report.

The Boston Globe Alert: Stray Voltage Is Nationwide, March 22, 2005

Recognizing Stray Voltage is not unique to Boston, The Boston Globe publishes a list of stray voltage incidents in seven states.  Read the Full Article.

Stray Voltage Kills Dog, Family Sues NSTAR For $740,000, March 8, 2005

Family says it refused $200,000 from NSTAR because it wants to make the Utility Company face the problem of stray voltage, which three dogs have died from.  Read the Full Report.

Boston Establishes A Joint-Task Force., March 7, 2005

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of Boston and Thomas May, President and CEO of NSTAR announce the creation of a Join Task Force to focus on city's electrical problems.  Read the Full Story.

Boston And New York City Share Common Concern, August 6, 2004

Boston City Councilor At-Large Maura Hennigan met with New York City Councilor John C. Liu to discuss Stray Voltage. Read the Full Story.

Learn How To Be A Ghost Buster In Boston

Learn about strategies about how to prevent stray (ghost) voltage and staying safe.  Read the Full Story.


Labrador Dies From Shock, NSTAR Gets The Blame, April 16, 2004

A City Council Hearing was called by Councilor At Large, Maura Hennigan after a Labrador Retriever died from an electrical Shock suffered on a street in Charlestown.  Read the Full Story.


Dog Shocked Outside Post Office

www., January 8, 2009

A family's dog was almost electrocuted by a light fixture as it approached a flag pole outside a Post Office in Quincy, Mass.  Read the Full Story.


Pit Bull Shocked by Utility Pole March 10, 2011. Confirmed.

Nashua Police and Fire Department are asking Public Service of New Hampshire to inspect a utility pole after a pit bull suffered an electrical shock.  Read the Full Report.

What Is An Acceptable Voltage Drop?

National Electric Code (NEC) recommends an combined voltage drop of 5% is both efficient and safe for an electrical system.   Read the Full Recommendation.

Delicate Balance Of Efficient Travel and Safety

Glen H. Willson, Pipeline & Gas Journal, June 1, 2006

As the use of Light Rail Transit systems have grown more popular in major cities, the safety concerns of the Pipeline Operators maintaining the electrical lines has also increased.  Read the Full Report.

What Do We Know About Stray Voltage?

Engineering Professional, July/August 2003 -- Page 4

Douglas J. Reinemann, PHD explains the latest on this electrical phenomenon.  Read the Full Report.


Spring Valley

Rabbi Electrocuted While Saving 8-Year-Old Boy During Hurricane Irene

By Tiffany Gabbay,, August 30, 2011

Rabbi Moshe Yosef Reichenberg died from electrocution while rescuing his 8 year old neighbor, who was trapped under a live cable that had been downed by Hurricane Irene.  Read the Full Story.

Luna Electrocuted On Sidewalk, January 21, 2011.  Weather: Snowy.  Confirmed.

An 8 month old Labrador Retriever named Luna was electrocuted while walking along the sidewalk at 468 Angell Street in Providence, Rhode Island.  National Grid determined the cause was a frayed wire beneath a manhole cover on the sidewalk. Watch the Video Report.


Substation Fire Shuts Down Terminals at Washington National Airport

CNN Wire Staff, July 15, 2010

Terminals B & C at Reagan Washington National Airport were closed for more than 2 hours after a substation caught fire, leaving Air Traffic Control and Security Screening to operate on auxiliary power until the problem was resolved.  Read the Full Story.

Live Wire Burns Young Girl At Bus Stop

By Hamil R. Harris, Washington Post, Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A 6 year old girl was waiting for a bus with her family at a bus stop, when she grabbed the live wire at a Chillin bus stop in Prince George's County, D.C.  Read the Full Story.

How Manholes Explode

Ken Bonsor,

Washington DC has had a series of manhole accidents. Learn what makes a manhole explode.  Read the Full Article.

Flames and Smoke Shoot Out Of Manhole

Martin Weil & Elissa Silverman,, September 23, 2008

Deteriorated electrical cables and an underground transformer ignite fire in downtown Washington, cutting off electricity to office buildings.  Read the Full Article.

Manhole Explodes Causing Blackout, March 12, 2008

Two days after PEPCO orders DC's Utility Regulator to update it's Manhole Inspector's Training a manhole exploded setting a car ablaze and leaving 5,000 people in the dark.  Read the Full Article.

DC Includes High Voltage Protection In Sewer Construction, June 1, 2007

DC sets design criteria for manhole and sewage lines, requiring Worker's Installation Certification be submitted and approved by the City before work begins.  Read the Design Criteria For Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances.

Four Manholes Explode In A Month

www.greenspun.comt, August 24, 2001

After 18 months of exploding manhole covers, DC Public Service Commission hires consulting firm, which determines PEPCO's maintenance procedures are inadequate to avoid the problem.  Read the Full Article.



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4 Girls Electrocuted Detasseling Corn

Brian Wellner, Courier Lee News Service. July 27, 2011

Two 14 year old girls died from electrocution, two other girls suffered severe electrical shocks, and several more felt electrical shocks from a center pivot irrigation system while detasseling corn on a farm.  Read the Full Story.


Chicago Slush Zap

By Whet Moser, Chicago Reader, February 7, 2008

Five People were shocked walking on slushy Ashland Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Read the Full Story.

Man Gets Shocked Helping 5 Shock Victims, February 2, 2008

A man was helping a Family of 5, who were shocked by stray voltage on Ashland Avenue, when he suddenly felt an "jolt" run up his legs.  Read the Full Story.

Professor Calls For Chicago To Inspect Electrical Facilities

Chicago Public Radio, February 20, 2007

Professor Allan Taflove has studied the danger of electricity in high-voltage transmission lines and wants the City to help prevent people from getting electrocuted.  Read the Full Story.

Dog Electrocuted In Grant Park, February 17, 2007

A woman was walking her dog Smokey on a recently shoveled, but slushy path in the park, when it was suddenly electrocuted.  Read the Full Article.

Dog Shocked On New Sidewalk

Chicago Reader, June 9, 2006

A man and his dog walk by a street lamp, and the dog suddenly drops to the sidewalk and starts howling from an electrical shock.  Read the Full Story.

Stray Voltage Terms

National Electrical Code, May 9, 2006

Mike Holt Enterprises, Inc., which has been servicing the Electrical Industry since 1973 provides an excellent explanation and list of terms that define stray voltage.   Read the Full Article.

Veterinarian's View of Stray Voltage, 2003

John R. Roberts, DVM and Mark A. Cook, Wisconsin Public Service Commission explain the public myths and misconceptions about stray voltage in rural environments and the impact they have on animals.   Read Understanding Stray Voltage.

Rural Electric Power Conference

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., April 20-22, 1997

Conference Paper provides an excellent summary of stray voltage issues that emerged from research and field surveys up to the date it was published.  Read the Full Report.

Peoria, September 17, 2008

A Mother, whose 8 year old son died after touching a wooden pole on a softball field is asking her State Representative to require the State to inspect all lights in outdoor fields, and has also filed suit against the Softball Association, claiming they knew about the hazard.  Read the Full Report.


Foul Play

By Erin Maloney, MyCFN & WCIA 3 News, July 24, 2008

An 8 year old boy was shocked and later died after he came in contact with a utility pole while playing in a softball tournament in Bartonville, Illinois.  Read the Full Story.



Man Electrocuted Reconnecting Power to His House, July 29, 2011

A man in Dyersville, Iowa was electrocuted trying to reconnect electric service to his house.  Read the Full Story.


Man Electrocuted Doing Home Repairs

George Diepenbrock, July 1, 2011

A 70 year old man died from electrocution while repairing the waterline beneath his house.  Read the Full Story.


Repairman Electrocuted Repairing Bank Sign

Paul Walsh,, October 12, 2011. Confirmed. Weather: Dr

A repairman, who had climbed inside of a large sign was electrocuted while he was inspecting the control box.  Read the Full Story.


Residents Concerned About Pets Getting Shocked

By Steve Brandt,, January 8, 2009

Dog owners in Minneapolis attempt to shield their canines amid the deteriorating electrical infrastructure.  Read the Full Story.



Young Boy Shocked Near Pedestrian Bridge, June 9, 2009

An 11 year old Boy was shocked when he bumped against a light pole near the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.  Read the Full Story.



Yorkie Zapped in Metroparks Bedford Reservation Alarms Cleveland City Hall, May 18, 2011

After a learning that a Yorkie received an electrical shock while walking by a lightpole in the Metroparks Bedford Reservation, City Councilman Mike Polensek announced that this is a public service problem, and that he will formally address the issue at the next meeting of the Committee.  Read the Full Story.

Faulty Inspections Results in Death Of 8 Year Old Boy

Karl Turner,, March 18, 2009

Ohio Department of Agriculture officials were found liable for the death of an 8 year old boy, who was electrocuted during a bumper car ride at the Lake County Fair on August 12, 2003, after an Ohio Court Of Claims Judge ruled the "approximate cause" of the boy's injury resulted from the negligence of the State Inspectors.  Read the Full Story.

Paris Township

Construction Worker Electrocuted Removing Guardrail Posts

Elizabeth Misson,, June 17, 2010

A 26 year old man was electrocuted when the boom truck he was working with touched an electrical line.  Read the Full Story.


9 Year Old Electrocuted by Street Light

Deseret News, May 24, 2003

A 9 year old was electrocuted after touching an electrified street light while walking to a bus stop with his Friend, and friend's Father, after visiting a science museum.  Read the Full Story.


Cedar Park

Girl Electrocuted In Her Backyard

Miguel Liscano,, April 25, 2009

A 10 year old Girl died after climbing a fence, and touching electrical wires leading to her house with an garden hose.  Read the Full Story.


18 Year Old and 3 Dogs Electrocuted by Fence

Manuel De La Rosa,, July 2, 2008

An 18 year old Man died from electrocution when the sheet metal he was leaning against the outside wall of a house touched an exposed wire.  Three dogs, who were close by also died from electrocution.  Read the Full Story.



Madison Gas and Electric Company Sued for Bus Stop Electrocution

The Associated Press, Sept. 23, 2009

The families of three people who were electrocuted at a bus are suing Madison Gas and Electric Company.  Read the Full Story.

Three People Electrocuted at Bus Stop, August 23, 2007

A Mother, Daughter and the Man, who attempted to help them were electrocuted at a bus stop after lighting struck a utility pole and knocked power lines to the ground.  Read the Full Story.




Tree Trimmer Electrocuted Trimming Trees, July 8, 2009

A resident of Cape Coral, Florida was electrocuted when a branch he was cutting off a tree fell and struck a power line.  Read the Full Story.

Sunshine State Black Out

NYPost, February 27, 2007

Equipment failure and fire in Miami substation leaves three million people in the dark.  The Sunshine State had the nation's highest average of stray voltage episodes surging in June.  Read the Full Story.  

Basketball Player Dies In Park, Februrary 14, 2005

A young man playing basketball was electrocuted when he moved between a fence and lampost as the lights turned on in Clemente Park.  Read the Full Story.

Electrified Puddle Zaps Two Men, December 10, 2000

Edgard Inciarte and Miguel Callejas died when they stepped into an electrified puddle surrounding a street light.  Read the Court Brief.

12 Year Old Dies Hiding From Rain In Bus Stop, October 12, 1998

Young Jorge Cabrera stepped into a lighted bus stop to avoid the rain and was electrocuted. His body was found the next morning.  Read the Court Memoradum.

Child Electrocuted Touching Lamppost, October 2, 1981

Jimmy Dietrichson touched a lamppost while walking south on Dade Expressway and died from electrocution.  Read the Petition Article.


  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Washington


Repairman Electrocuted on Roof May 14, 2011.

An air conditioner repairman died from electrocution while repairing an air conditioner on the roof of the Babylon Banquet Hall.  Read the Full Story.


City To Replace Electrical System In Reid Park Baseball Annex, October 10, 2008

City launched an investigation into the quality of electrical work, and found the electrocution of an 8 year baseball player was due to faulty work done by a Contractor; and also, revealed that Tucson Electric Power's system failed as it should have shutdown at that time.  Read the Full Story.

8 Year Old Boy Electrocuted On Baseball Field

Sheryl Kornman,, July 26, 2008

A young boy's baseball team cleared the field due to bad weather, but one player remained behind, unable to speak and visibly shaking as he is being electrocuted by a light pole that is 6 feet away.  Read the Full Article.



Teenage Girl Electrocuted After Surviving Truck Crash  January 2, 2011

A 14 year old girl crashed her truck into a power pole while driving in the rain, and was electrocuted when she got out of the truck and stepped on a downed electrical line.  Read the Full Story.

Newport Beach

No Parking, No Kidding!

By Jeff Overley, Orange County Register, March 3, 2008

A man says he received an electrical shock when he touched a "no parking" sign on the Balboa Peninsula, California.   Read the Full Story.

East Palo Alto

Man Electrocuted Hanging Christmas Lights

AP,, December 16, 2007

A man in East Palo Alto, California died from electrocution when the Christmas lights he was hanging outside of his apartment touched a high voltage power line.  Read the Full Story.



Dog and Owner Suffer Electrical Shock Crossing Parking Lot, September 16, 2010.

Man was walking his dog across a gravel and metal parking lot that was under construction when his dog suddenly started yelping.  The Man suffered an electrical shock as he tried to save his ill fated dog, and is suing the Construction and Energy companies to raise public awareness of the electrical hazards at construction sites, and to insure workers are properly doing their job.  Read the Full Story.

Owner Files Suit Against Xcel Energy – updated 7/26/11

   Ryan Grenoble,, July 26, 2011

Animal Law Center is suing Xcel Energy on behalf of Scott Evans, whose dog was electrocuted while walking through an electrified puddle. Full Update.


Thief Electrocuted Stealing Wires From High Voltage Box

Howard Pankratz,, October 28, 2009

A 28 year old Man died from electrocution while attempting to steal electrical wires from a high voltage electrical box that serves a large area of southern Pueblo, Colorado.  Read the Full Story.



Faulty Insulation Caused Bus Stop Death

Mary Vorsino,, February 21, 2009

A City Spokesman advised that an investigation of the access panel adjacent to the sidewalk where a man died after touching a lamppost revealed that parts of the insulated connection in the panel were worn down.  Read the Full Story.

Hawaii Discovers The Risk Of Stray Voltage Is Common

Gene Park,, February 20, 2009

Mark Voigtsberger discusses how the electrocution of a Hawaiian Man is 'almost identical' to electrocutions that have occurred in other cities around the country.  Read the Full Report.

Light Poles Being Checked For Safety, February 20, 2009

The City is taking a proactive approach to stray voltage by checking lamppost electrical boxes around the city that are similar to the one a man touch and was electrocuted by on February 19, 2009.  Read the Full Story.

Man Zapped At Bus Stop, Feb 19, 2009

Man was standing on a electrical junction box while waiting for a bus, touched a lamppost and dropped to the ground dead.  Read the Full Story.  


Las Vegas

Man And Dog Suffered Electrical Shock From Street Box A Year Earlier

Glenn Puit,, August 21, 2003

Clark County Officials are investigating the electrical shocking of a 76 year old Man and his dog, who suffered after stepping on an electrical box a year before the Kentucky tourist died.   Read the Full Story.

Kentucky Tourist Electrocuted While Walking On Strip

Mary Manning & Ed Koch, Las Vegas Sun, August 18, 2003

Mother of 4 children, was electrocuted August 16, 2008 after stepping on a utility box cover in front of the Treasure Island Casino.  Read the Full Story.

Lawyers Take On Stray Voltage

Recognizing the danger of stray voltage and need for both Proprietors and the State to be responsible for the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems, Personal Injury attorneys are asking shock victims to take a stand.  Read the Full Story.


Santa Fe

Circuit to Lamppost Blacks Out Street Corner in Santa Fe

Tom Sharpe,, January 9, 2010

To insure public safety, the Public Service Company turned off a electrical circuit feeding power to a lamppost which had shocked two dogs a week before, leaving the street corner dark.  Read the Full Story.

Santa Fe Discovers Contact Voltage

Tom Sharpe,, December 31, 2009

Two people were walking their dogs by a lamppost, when one started yelping and running around, and the other suddenly dropped to the ground.   Read the Full Story.



Boy Shocked Off Fence

By Geoff Liesik, Deseret News, June 1, 2008 12:15 a.m.

An 8 year old boy was electrocuted and nearly killed while climbing a fence to watch a baseball game in Vernal, Utah.  Read the Full Story.




Sammy Electrocuted Thanksgiving Day November 29, 2010

Dog was electrocuted walking by a light pole on Queen Anne Avenue North. Seattle City Light quickly cut power to the light post and suspects a grounding wire may have caused the tragic episode.  Read the Full Story.

Seattle Discovers A Growing Problem, Wednesday, December 15, 2010

After hiring contractors to assist in examining light poles, Seattle City Light discovered three more potentially dangerous light poles that are emitting contact voltage (above 50 volts of electricity) in the Capitol Hill, First Hill and Central Districts of the Seattle.   Read the Full Story.

Seattle Alerts People On How To Spot Dangerous Street Lights, Thursday, December 16, 2010

After finding another street light releasing a dangerous amount of electricity, Seattle has issued tips people can use to see and avoid the hazard.   Read the Full Story.





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4 Dogs Shocked by Street Light

By Jonathan Hamelin,, February 6, 2012

A woman was walking her dog by a streetlight at the end of Elphinstone Bridge when the dog suffered an electrical shock. The next day, the owner discovered 3 other dogs had been shocked at the location.  Read the Full Story.


2 Dogs Shocked by Same Lamp Post – One Dies

By Catherine Solyom, The Gazette, January 23, 2012

A woman’s dog was electrocuted as they walked by a lamppost; shortly afterward a neighbor came out to console her and said 20 minutes earlier, his dog had suffered a seizure passing the same lamppost.  Read the Full Story.

Dog Dies After Stepping On Manhole, Owner Suspects Stray Voltage

Les Perreaux,, February 21, 2009

A woman was walking her Beagle on the sidewalk, when it suddenly started yelping and died.  The owner suspected her dog was electrocuted, but Hydro-Québec dismissed the instance as an 'anomaly'.  Read the Full Story.


Realizing Danger of Stray Voltage Toronto Hydro Takes Action

Dave Battagello,, February 13, 2009

Toronto Hydro is inspecting and replacing all metal handwell covers with non-conductive covers after several dogs were shocked.  Read the Full Story.

Child is Shocked as Toronto Hydro Continues Searching for Stray Voltage

By Becky Rynor, February 01, 2009

Toronto Hydro is focusing its search for stray voltage in the area of schools after five children from Regent Park/Duke of York School were reportedly shocked – one case is confirmed.  Read the Full Story.

Toronto Hydro Responds After Two Dogs are Shocked

Josh Wingrove,, January  21, 2009

A Woman was walking her two dogs along Yorkville Avenue just west of Bay Street, when both suffered serious shocks after stepping on an electrified metal plate.  Read the Full Story.

Toronto Launches Investigation of City's Hot Spots

Allison Hanes,, January 14, 2009

Toronto Hydro has started investigating the entire city, street by street for 'hot spots' after two dogs were electrocuted at different corners of the same intersection within two months.  Read the Full Story.


City Councilor Warns Citizens of Stray Voltage

Allison Hanes,, January 13, 2009

A Toronto City Councilor is warning Citizens to 'be cautious' when passing manhole covers and street lamps.  Read the Full Story.

Two Dogs Electrocuted in Two Months at Same Intersection

Jeff Gray,, January 13, 2009

Man was walking a 7 year old Labrador-Poodle across the intersection of Keele and Annette Streets, when it suddenly collapsed after stepping on a metal manhold cover near a street light.  Read the Full Story.

Stray Voltage Kills Dog, Toronto Councilman Takes Action

Toronto Sun, November 21, 2008

City Councilman saw a dog being delivered to the Vet across the street from his office, learned what happened and immediately followed up with the President of Toronto Hydro, who had the location inspected.   Read the Full Story.


Costa Rica Wants To Prevent The Electrocution Of Costa Rican Wildlife

Studies show an estimated 50% of arboreal wildlife were killed between 1995 and 2007 in Costa Rica, and the main cause attributed to the deaths was electrocution on the governments un-insulated electrical grid. Many of these electrocutions happen within national park boundaries.  Read the Full Story.


Two Horses Electrocuted at Race Track, February 17, 2011

Two horses collapsed and died from a severe electrical shock while parading before the first race at the Newbury Racecourse.  Read the Full Story.


Camden Dog Killed by Stray Voltage

Roisin Gadelrab,, February 15, 2007

A Woman walked her dog by a lamppost that had been left live for 11 days, and the dog received a shock of 240 volts and died.  Read the Full Story.

East Ardsley

Merlin Zapped On Station Lane, September 10, 2008

An Animal Sanctuary owner was riding her 11 year old horse in East Ardsley, England when it suddenly suffered and later died from an electrical shock on the street.  Read the Full Story.


Dog Electrocuted Standing By Faulty Lamppost, By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent, February 27, 2008

A couple's 65 pound Husky was electrocuted when they stopped near a lamppost.  After reporting the incident, the electrical crew found smoking wires.  Read the Full Story.



Dog's Deadly Lamppost Encounter, February 23, 2005

Three year old Mastiff was electrocuted while urinating on a lamppost in Wavrechain-sous-Denain, France.  The owner was hospitalized from an electrical shock when he tried to help him.  Read the Full Story.


Chi Minh City

13 Year Old Boy Electrocuted in Ho Chi Minh City, August 31, 2009

Co Quoc Duy died after being electrocuted by contact voltage leaking from a lamppost on Tran Hung Dao Street, District 5, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Read the Full Story.